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In addition to our existing programs (Extreme Exposure, Inspire, Love, Heath and Wealth), we are starting a new program called Mobility. Project Mobility will bring education and inspiration directly to our disenfranchised communities. We are retrofitting buses that will be used to inspiring reading through Tutoring on Wheels, creativity through our Life through Lens, and wellness through our Plant to Table. Each of these buses will provide our youth with hands on experience that will broaden their perspectives and provide life skills for their future.

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Partner with Us?

We are looking for businesses and individuals that can support our ongoing programs. Including providing donations or supplies to our Care Center with school supplies, uniforms, tennis shoes, sanitary products, and hygiene products; our Mobility Buses with books, laptops, computer accessories, cameras, photography supplies, and gardening supplies); and our Scholarship Program with Vocational and College bound scholarships. As a Partner of Only the Beginning, you will be making a direct impact on the lives of others through your ongoing support and donations. Contact us today to become a partner!

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Volunteer with Us

Volunteering with Only the Beginning goes beyond dedicating time to igniting the dreams of others. As a volunteer, you can help provide hands-on support through our various programs and upcoming events. We are looking for mentors, tutors, and experts in multiple fields (photography, journalism, education) that are ready to share their knowledge and passion. Contact us today to become a volunteer!

Volunteer with Us

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