Only The Beginning

Enriching the lives of underserved communities by empowering the youth and families to make productive and healthy choices for their minds, body, and environment.

5.5 million US youth ages 16-24 are not working or in school

The classroom environment can affect a student’s learning by as much as 25%

About 25M Americans are aging in place and rely on help from others

Approximately 15% of children and teens are overweight, three times as many as there were in the 1980s


To break the generational cycle of those disenfranchised by offering programs that will support their mind, body, and environment and lead to a better future for your youth and our communities.



Expose youth to the various careers available to them and assist them with the steps of achieving such career paths prior to making unhealthy decisions that will hinder their success. Project Extreme Exposure provides group and one-on-one hands-on experiences that are geared to spark youth interest and establish mentor/mentee relationships.

In a mission to beautify our local schools and inspire our students and teachers, we are teaming up with local homeowners associations, businesses, nonprofits, and churches to create Murals of Art in an effort to encourage learning within our campuses. With our School Care Center, we provide our scholars access to much-needed hygiene items, free school supplies year-round, and access to weekend food bags. Our Principal’s Wish List will allow school principals, teachers, and staff to provide a list of items of much-needed supplies that will bring success to our schools. Lastly, our Lemonade Stand Challenge is geared to motivate students and families to start their own business by teaching the basics of successfully operating a business helping to increase economic mobility and entrepreneurship.





In an effort to build bridges between youth, senior citizens, law enforcement, civil servants and community residents Project Love is geared to help seniors in our community who need minor home repair, landscaping, and painting. Students are able to learn basic life skills while engaging with other adults, increasing their communication skills, and learning how to interact with others.

In our mission to end obesity in adults and children, we have established our Billion Step Challenge which focuses on having families become active and eating healthy as a unit. Project Health & Wealth provides education on food ingredients and meal preparations, exercise routines, buying necessities on a budget, and managing household income.




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